Useful Tips How to Expand Your Marijuana Stash During Lockdown

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us are without jobs or on an indefinite leave of absence. And we don’t know when this situation will end.

Whether you are low on money or unable to visit a cannabis dispensary during these times, you are probably looking for ways to stretch your stash.

There are plentiful ways you can conserve your weed stash, from cutting down on smoking in general to switching up how you smoke. Changing simple habits can go a long way.

Scoop Up a One-Hitter/Chillum


I have, and will always, be an advocate for the one-hitter. I don’t know the science behind it, but a couple hits sometimes get me just as high as a few tokes off a blunt. $10 for a couple one-hitters per month to make your cannabis stretch for a few extra weeks is a very worthwhile purchase.

The same goes for a chillum, which is just a one-hitter that lifts weights twice a day. A one-hitter will give you a couple hits then be cashed out, but a chillum bowl will push out four or five, maybe even more if you corner the bowl just right. Either, you’ll definitely be where you need to be.

Selective Smoking

How you consume isn’t the only aspect you should consider when trying to save your weed. When you smoke is also very important. If you are looking to make your stash stretch as long as possible instead of waking up and smoking first thing, try going about your day for a bit and accomplishing a few things on your to-do list. Once you feel that you have been productive and you’re able to sit down in a peaceful environment and enjoy your consumption take a break for a toke.

Store Your Stash Correctly

When trying to stretch your stash, it is also essential to think about how you are storing your herb. If you are storing your herb in a plastic bag in your nightstand drawer as many have done for years, chances are your stash has already started to deteriorate in potency as well as flavor and is likely becoming dry. This, in return, causes your herb to burn much faster, not to mention you are missing out on vital cannabinoids and terpenes. By storing your stash properly, you are ensuring that when you consume, you are getting the most out of your bud!

Use A Grinder

Grinders are great tools. Every smoker should have one. They’re great because they break up the bud evenly, allowing for a much larger surface area to burn or vape. You will quickly detect the unwanted bud stems, while catching fallen trichomes.

After a while, you can very easily make a kief joint, packed with flavour and a great high. Grinders make your joints last longer, hit harder, and prolong the life of your baggy.

Cannabis Edibles

This is a cheeky trick. Edibles are great because they don’t produce any smoke, hit much stronger, and the high lasts much longer too. Just beware if you are not used to eating THC. Edibles take so much longer to hit (30 minutes to an hour), and the inexperienced tend to eat more, thinking they haven’t had enough – rookie mistake!

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In any case, edibles will make you fly like a kite, and you will not feel like reaching for your stash for hours on end.

Cut Off the Mooches

I know sharing is caring and the whole mission of the culture is to bring people together, but you can’t let everyone be Moochie Norris out there just because they’re your homies. There’s no one worse than that friend who always pops up with empty hands and empty pockets when it’s time to smoke. Cannabis gets pricey, and if you’re trying to make it last then using less in more strategic manners is key.

Perfect your Rolling Technique

An uneven burning joint, or worse, a canoeing joint, will severely shorten its lifespan. Same can be said of a bowl or a bong. Try to burn from the outside in. If you just blaze the entire top surface, you will quickly create a black, carbonised insulator, as well as worse-tasting smoke.

Micro-Tolerance Breaks


If you are starting to run low and you fear that it may be some time before you will be able to stock up once again, it may, unfortunately, be time to think about a cannabis tolerance break. A tolerance break, however, does not mean that you have to stop smoking for days on end. It could merely mean smoking one day and not the next.

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