Wareham Police Seize 112 Pounds Of Cannabis

Wareham Police discovered 112 pounds of marijuana at Cape Cod Express, a Wareham-based shipping company, and arrested Michael Chen of Providence for trafficking marijuana on Wednesday.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, December 27th, the Wareham Police Department received information regarding suspicious packages described as 2 wooden crates had been received at Cape Cod Express (Wareham based shipping company). Noticing the manner of packaging, Cape Cod Express management alerted the Wareham Police Department, and further investigation was initiated by Wareham police officers and detectives.

Confronting the man trying to claim a suspicious pair of crates coming off the Cape Cod Express, police in Wareham ended up finding more than 100 pounds of marijuana upon taking a look inside.

Michael Chen was placed under arrest at the scene, charged with Trafficking Marijuana Over 100 Pounds. The vehicle driven by Mr. Chen to Cape Cod Express, a 2017 Ford F-250, was seized for possible forfeiture proceedings, as investigation showed the vehicle was recently purchased outright in cash.

Mr. Chen was held at the Wareham Police Department and was scheduled for arraignment on the criminal charge today at Wareham District Court. He was released on $7,500 cash bail following arraignment Thursday in Wareham District Court. He is due back in court on Feb. 6 for a pretrial hearing.

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