Watch What Happened When Stoners Quit Cannabis For A Week

Buzzfeed is known for being a highly progressive company, and while that is often obvious in their publications, their YouTube channel is really where all the forward-thinkers lie. They have already produced a lot of cannabis-related content through a series called “The High Guys,” but their latest video takes a different approach to cannabis entertainment.

Quit weed for a week?

Buzzfeed rounded up some staff that claimed that they smoke every day of the week for the sole purpose of getting them to take a week off the bud. Many cannabis lovers would hate to participate in a video like this, but by the end of the clip, things change. The week without cannabis gave many in the video a new insight into their usual habits.

The benefits of taking a week away from your herb are one that many seem to overlook. The tolerance break argument is well researched and you can get more information on it here. Many also claim that they have more energy and are more social after the week is over.

The first couple of nights are often reported as difficult as your body is so used to the herb, but that subsides within days. And some claim that after the experience, they will rethink how often they consume cannabis.

Many come to the conclusion that they won’t need to smoke every day, and perhaps switching to a couple of days a week is better for them. Now obviously if you use cannabis as medicine, you shouldn’t need a break unless your tolerance needs a reset for the effectiveness of your herb.

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