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Weed Comedy Club: 5 Weed Strains To Make You Grin!

On that magical day when I first discovered the beautiful weed, the only thing I had in mind was fun. I used to love getting together with my close friends to share a big joint and laugh the night away, stretching the limits of our imagination as the weed expanded the boundaries of our consciousness.

These days, in our scientific climate of yields, pest-resistance, flavor-balance and cannabinoids (my younger self didn’t know THC from the BFG) it is perhaps easy to lose sight of the genuine fun we can have with the herb.

I have put together a list of my favorite selections, great strains that are almost guaranteed to produce an evening of fun and laughter…

Tangie Strain

Reserva Privada’s titillating Tangie strain is our favorite! There’s so much to love about Tangie—its awe-inspiring citrus scent, its mouthwatering orange-juice flavor, its gorgeous, frosted appearance. But what we love most is its jaw-tingling effect when blazed! This incredible specimen has won every single award she’s been entered into, and she produces some of the best-tasting concentrates on the planet. This is a plant that’ll take you straight to cannabis heaven.

Laughing Buddha Strain

If there’s any Barney’s Farm cannabis strain whose name speaks for itself, this is the one. A calm, uplifting start can finish with a ridiculously happy buzz, and the big, bouncing buds frosted with THC crystals produce a memorably tasty smoke with hints of lemongrass and sweet, dark rum. The 450g/m2 yields aren’t half bad, either!

Brain’s Damage Strain

Third on the list is Brain’s Damage from our friends at KC Brains. Toke this badass and you’re at risk of losing your mind with laughter! What’s more, with a quick growth cycle and seriously good yields to boot, this is an all-round excellent plant and one of the giggliest giggly marijuana strains on the planet.

Rollex OG Kush Strain

Please welcome Rollex OG Kush by Devil’s Harvest Seeds. This one hits the high notes right across the board. First, you’ll savor the musky, earthy, peaty aromas so loved by Kush-heads the world over. Next, you’ll feel a bit hungry—so bring out the snacks. And finally, you’ll be chatting your box off to your best buddies and spilling hilarious anecdotes like marbles from a bag. Believe us, this one’s so good you’ll laugh your Rollex off!

Maple Leaf Indica Strain

Next up is the sensual Sensi Seeds Maple Leaf Indica. Mark our words, while this might not be the most cerebral or energetic buzz out there, it’ll have you biting your knees in no time—in the best possible way, of course! This ripper is bred from precious, vintage Afghanica gene-stock, and when you see the results, you’re sure to know it!

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