Stoner Hacks: Ultimate 10 to up your game!

These ultimate weed hacks are for everyone. We take you through some of our favorites in our top 10 weed hacks list. We are sure you will find more than a few you can add to your smoking arsenal. We have searched far and wide to compile the penultimate list of weed hacks to make you the ultimate stoner so without further ado here are the zenpypes top 10:

Hooking in your filter to roll a perfect joint each time.

Thanks to the GrimReafer we learned how to roll a spliff easily and efficiently. Hook the filter right inside the paper so that it becomes a seamless part of the joint. This ensures that it never comes out mid smoke. Or when that greedy friend of yours puffs too hard or you haven’t sized it perfectly beforehand. It seems to smoke better as well, as the filter seems tighter against the edges allowing all the smoke to pass through the center.

The slow burning blunt hack.

This weed hack we only use on extremely rare occasions as we can’t vouch for the health issues this may cause over time. Sometimes we get some bud that just burns too quickly no matter which papers or blunts we try. This is when we break open the honey jar. Try a small amount of honey (Yep the type made by bees) spread on the outside of the joint and you will notice a slow burn that now tastes slightly sweeter. It also helps if you having that Gawd awful side burn and can’t figure out a way to fix it.

Keep control of your weed with this easy hack.

This ingenious hack was discovered by one of our tech devs that was always getting interrupted while rolling joints. Simply buy a piece of cardboard (thin enough to make paper tips out of but thick enough to have a little rigidity). Fold the card into a “fan” similar to a scrabble piece holder and have a small place to crush, roll and place your joints mid roll. The extra cardboard can be used to make filter tips!

Matcha tea after heavy smoking sessions or the day after.

My go to drink as an anxious stoner, to sort out a Marijuana hangover or detox is a day with at least 3 or 4 cups of Matcha tea. With over 10 times more anti oxidizing power than goji berries and 100 times that of spinach Matcha can deliver powerful doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids unrivaled by other “super foods”. Matcha tea also has a soothing relaxing property that definitely helps with the craving of just having another joint.

When you run out of papers.

Probably the most common of all weed hacks. Grab your favorite piece of fruit or veg and make your own pipe. We personally prefer the ease of slicing into an apple to create the perfect bowl but you can pretty much make a pipe out of any carve-able fruit such as a pineapple or strawberry. Fruits are generally cheap enough to use as a pipe, organically disposable so environmentally friendly and freely available all over the world. As a pot head you most likely have a made one or two of these before.

No grinder, No problem with the shot glass weed hack.

Grab a shot glass and a small pair of scissors. Make sure you remove all the stalks and seeds and chop up the weed in the shot glass. If the pair of scissors gets too sticky get some iso propyl alcohol and wipe them clean. Alcohol is handy to also clean out bongs and other glass pieces that are caked in resin you may have lying around. If your bud is really sticky and you find yourself needing to clean the scissors often try to collect some of that sticky “scissor hash” for a special occasion.

No lighter at home? Try this stove top hack.

If you are a smoker you most certainly have been at home without a lighter. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to go to the nearest store just to get a flame. When you are in this position we recommend turning to the stove. Grab a stick of spaghetti and turn the stove top on. The spaghetti will catch a light and give you enough flame to light that bowl you racked the night before but couldn’t cash. Another way to use your stove is to make some canna butter for a batch of fresh edibles.

Single dose edibles in under 5 minutes.

On occasion you may feel like you just can’t smoke. Whether you had the biggest bong sessions the night before or just want to give those lungs a break. Try making these single dose “Firecrackers” next time. With these you will never overdose like when you ate that whole batch of brownies and your house won’t smell like a Jamaican hot house for a few hours. They are extremely delicious and you can make non-weed versions if you still feel like munching more.

A drop of oil can make the world of difference.

Adding just a drop or two of coconut, olive or even hemp oil will help prevent resin build up in a bong. You should still keep your bongs clean and try use fresh water after every hit. But we know that is easier said than done when you enjoying a bong session and in the middle of a online Poker Tourny. Once you do need to clean that bong out just add a dash of iso propyl alcohol and some salt and shake it up. This should remove most of the resin build up and make for a much easier cleaning experience.

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Buying weed in bulk.

Buying weed by the gram can get pricey. Ask your dealer or dispensary what their discount policy is for ounces. Not only will you feel like a rapper with a whole “O”, you will also save some cash. Sometimes this weed hack can backfire as when we buy in bulk here at 420smokers, we end up just smoking more! Breaking up your stash into smaller sections and rationing can be a way to counter act this issue if you have enough will power.

  • Do you have any other weed hacks you think would help us out and make our smoking experiences better, easier and more efficient? Let us know below and leave a comment

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