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Weed Revolution is Now – It’s All About Cannabis And Connecting

Our independent online community, is ready and more user friendly than ever. No sensitive information required to join (no names, surnames or addresses…). People that are not part of the community, can not see your posts, plus lots of additional privacy settings made easy to use. It has almost the same functionality as Facebook or Twitter, without all the drama and cannabis censorship that’s going on on those platforms.

Below you can see what our community has to offer.

Table of content

  • Creating account
  • Posting updates
  • Commenting
  • Sharing
  • Creating groups
  • Uploading cover and profile picture
  • Privacy

Creating account

From any link you come to the social community you need to login. If you are not a member yet press register link to create an account here. There are only 3 necessary fields to get an account created ( username, e-mail, and password. Once you fill everything in and submit the form, you will receive an activation email (Be sure to check your spam folder for it. Should you have problems reciving the activation email contact us on [email protected] , we will gladly assist you.

Below you can se the login and register forms with:

Posting updates

Posting updates is easy… from anywhere on the social community simply scroll up and the post for will open.

  1. select your current mood if you like
  2. post update
  3. upload media (pictures video mp3,) up to 10mb of size or links from youtube or any other page with nice preview. be shure to pres enter after pasting a link in text input to get a propper link post…
  4. set your privacy (logged in users is default, only friends, private….)
  5. choose where you want to post (eg. your profile or groups)


Comment simply by clicking the comments icon circled in red and the comments window will open like the second picture. You can upload any media type to comment, same as with publishing a post or publish links with preview.

Sharing your own or other people posts

Simply click the share button, first picture red circle, then click the menu in redcircle on the second pucture and choose where and how to share….

Creating groups

in side menu choose groups menu item. Groups directory will open, click link and follow directions… You can create public groups (people with similar interests can connect, not necessary friends), all loged in member will see. or private groups. Content of the last group type will only be seen to group members.

Updating cover and profile photo

Updating cover and profile photo is easy. Simply open side menu and choose your profile link. Click a gian + button on top and choose your profile. Now you can choose The links for updating cover or profile photo, and follow the on page directions.


Privacy is really important to us. You and you alone decides who sees your posts when posting an update, as explained in chapter posting updates. If you want to change the privacy of your posts you can do so from everyone of your posts….

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