Weed Seems To Help For The Brain And Head Injuries

In the beginning there were scientists that followed religiously the guidance of the government to proclaim in the 70’s that cannabis harms the brain. They did some studies on some poor monkeys by strapping some gas masks on them and pumped them full of hundreds of joints worth of smoke. Their brain cells died, not because of cannabis, because of lack of oxygen because of all the smoke. So these discredited studies were used as scared tactics by the government for years.

Fortunately now modern science shows just the opposite. The active ingredients of cannabis help the growth of new brain cells. In 2005 a scientists, Dr. Xia Zhang from the University of Saskatchewan proved that cannabinoids cause neurogenesis. He further claimed that most drugs, and the abuse of it, promote the suppression of neurogenesis, but marijuana promotes it.

In 2013 scientists in Brazil also furthered the study and proved that CBD causes new brain cells to grow and this was confirmed by researchers in Italy.

  • Reduce Inflammation Because Cannabis has neuro-protective anti-oxidants it prevents stress-related damage and inflammation in the brain after injury. A study in 2014 in Tel Aviv showed that micro doses of psychoactive THC reduced swelling of the brain. They found it to be a very effective drug to treat neuro-inflammatory conditions and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Neuroprotection- Even the US Government is on board here by holding a patent wherein they say that cannabinoids in cannabis are found to have particular application as neuro-protectants in limiting neurological damage after strokes and trauma, also in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like HIV- dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A further study in 2013 showed that the endocannabinoid system places a vital role in the brain’s ability to repair itself and that therapeutic cannabinoids could provide protection against nerve cell damage after brain injury.
  • Pre-treatment with Cannabis prevents damage- using CBD rich oil may protect against concussion in certain activities like American football, horseback riding and activities alike that provokes possible concussion. In 2015 two anesthesiology professors said that long term brain damage long after the injury is caused by inflammation in the brain. Studies done on football players showed that persistent inflammation after a single blow can lead to cognitive problems and the brain inflammation persists for month or years after traumatic brain injury.

Many years of research shows that the human brain has a minimum of 3 types of endocannabinoid receptors. CB1 is found on certain types of neurons. CB2 is found in the central nervous system anti-inflammatory cells and a 3rd cannabinoid receptor, TRPV1, is found in the hypothalamus, cerebellum and hippocampus. All three receptors are present in the crucial protective blood brain barrier.

So while many people might associate cannabis with some stoner they know that has the memory of an ant and an all-together dopiness around them, it is actually proven that cannabis can protect the brain and prevent neurodegenerative diseases from forming.

Cannabis is a powerful anti-oxidant and can protect against toxic build-up in the brain. These toxin build-ups in the older brain can lead to brain cell death and progressive degenerative diseases are more likely to form.

Cannabinoids are also very effective in the treatment of Cancer in the brain. It is shown to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors and protect healthy cells. Many studies show that cannabis, specifically CBD, stopped metastasis in aggressive forms of cancer, killed leukemia with a special blend of 6 cannabinoids and THC and CBD could be used together with chemotherapy to reduce brain tumors.

Now with all this said, it is quite clear that Cannabis as a plant has far more benefits than just giving you a “high” feeling. Even so, the benefits far outweigh those of other drugs. Instead of heavy opioids to deal with pain and inflammation, cannabis can rather be used and the effect will be more uplifting.

In sports like America Football or boxing, blows against the head is quite normal, but concussion afterwards don’t always get taken as serious as it is supposed to be taken. Often after concussion there are symptoms that can last for up to 6 months. Some of these symptoms include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, noise and light sensitivity and loss of concentration and memory. It can even lead to depression and suicide.

The NFL realized that Cannabis can protect the brain and that even though the players are using helmets, it is not enough to protect against brain injuries, but that Cannabis with high CBD and lower THC will be non-psychoactive. Players can reap the benefits by protecting their brains and also use it as an anti-inflammatory with other injuries.

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