What Annoys Me The Most About My Stoner Smoke Buddies

Smoking weed is all about bringing people together and good vibes but, sadly, this is not always the best experience. Every now and then there is this one guy that will totally cramp your high. However, that doesn’t necessarily make us dislike them or not smoke weed with them obviously, but we made a list some of the annoying things people do when they smoke weed.

The storyteller

We all know those people. There is nothing that will blow your high faster than someone who will not stop talking.They just don’t understand the fact that it’s lit and they can do the puff, puff, pass rule quick and then share their story after

The slimer

Getting a blunt/joint/pipe/whatever that is drenched in your saliva after you hit it.The

Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Passer

The individual that takes the blunt or joint and doesn’t abide by the simple puff, puff, pass rule. There is an exception though. If you were the only person throwing down on a blunt and/or joint and are providing it for multiple people, you do have the right to a few extra puffs.

The Rotation Messer

There is always a person who will already be really high and forget which way the rotation is going. The worst is when others are in conversation or something and don’t realize the rotation is messed up until it’s too late.

The Torcher

Nothing is worse than the person who just puts a forest fire to the whole entire bowl pack and takes all the “greens” for themselves and the bowl is done within just a few hits..

The Lighter Thief

We all have that one person who is notorious for accidentally pocketing people’s lighters.

The let the blunt go out and then pass it person

Relight before passing. It’s a rule!

The pass it without ashing first person

I hate it when a smoke buddy don’t ash and he gives it to you with a ton of ash that is just waiting to fall right onto your shirt.

Friends who smoke but don’t throw in cash

Everyone wants to smoke, not everyone wants to pay. We all like to share the love and be generous and smoke people up from time to time. But for the people that constantly appear suddenly when someone rolls a blunt or packs a bowl, it may be a warning sign.

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The ParanoidsThese are the people who at any sign of movement, assume the FBI is ready to arrest them and sent them to a secret prison is Guatemala causing them to freak out. These are the people who go insane after smoking a joint, blunt or bong. This stoner type is usually young; they’re often first-timers who can’t see marijuana paranoia in perspective yet.

The Know-It-All StonerHe’s always right and will defend himself like a velocoraptor, loudly and to the death. This is the guy who knows everything about everything.

  • What kind of stoner annoys you the most? 

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