What Are The 6 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By Your Weed Dealer

Weed dealers have thrived in the black market since the beginning of time. They bridge the gap between tax paying citizens and the illicit substances that they crave. Unfortunately, drug dealers, by definition, are criminals. Some of them have an inherent ability to make a buck beyond the bounds of the law – and often at your expense. If you frequently visit black markets, you should know these signs that weed dealer is trying to rip you off.

That dealer with a bad reputation

We’ve all been there – out of weed and willing to climb Everest just to get some. In these moments there is always one dealer in the Rolodex that will serve you, but his reputation for honesty is lacking.

Listen, in this case, you should trust your gut and forego the questionable high. Saving your money for the right purchase is always going to be the smart choice.

Bait and Switch trick

Drug dealers who are looking for a quick buck will often use the bait and switch method. Imagine that you are desperate for your next weed score – your desperation is likely palpable. Sensing your willingness to part ways with hard earned cash, the drug dealer descends upon your vulnerability.

He shows you a bag and tells you a price. Before you have time to conjure a rational thought, you give him the cash and retrieve the bag. Open it up – you’ll likely find a bag of sticks and stems. He got ya!

Too many hands on the deck

If you are in the market for a large quantity of weed, you should already have a heightened demand for security. If your dealer insists on meeting on his “turf”, you should be a bit alarmed.

If you arrive at the meetup and the dealer has friends with him, you should leave. Chances are, he brought his homies along to intimidate you and perhaps lighten the load in your pockets. Building trust in these situations is key to long-term success.

You got nothing From your weed dealer

This might seem like an obvious one, but it is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If a dealer asks you to give him the money, and he’ll be right back- turn and walk away. This is a popular method of drug dealers in tourist spots. They see an easy target, show them a sample, grab the money – and then never return.

You will probably stand around waiting for 30 minutes before you realize you got duped. Don’t worry; you are entertaining the drug dealer’s friends who are surely watching with joy.

The best stuff ever

If you are visiting a new dealer, it might be because you heard he has the best stuff ever. Remember this – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Drug dealers don’t think long term, they are generally living day to day and want to make a quick buck.

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If you are a new customer, chances are the dealer will try to take advantage of you. Be weary of the product and stand your ground. Drug dealer mentality dictates that he will respect you more for taking a stand than if you lay down and pay.

I’ll get it to you later

This is different from the “you got nothing” play. Sometimes your dealer will claim to be short on supply. He will say, “Hey man give me the money for the entire thing, and I will bring you the rest when I have it.”

This is kind of reverse engineering the “front” – usually the purchaser is short on cash. Chances are, you’ll never see what you are owed. Only pay for what you are getting.

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