What Are The Expenses When Growing Marijuana Indoor And Outdoor

There are several reasons why someone decides to grow marijuana. It may be for personal reasons, or maybe you are unsatisfied with the type of weed you are buying, it could even be that you want to make some extra money.

It is not hard at all to grow marijuana so long as you are willing to give the time and energy it takes to do this. It really only takes a few hours a week to get a great harvest. If you are growing marijuana for personal reason, then a large yield isn’t necessary. You can purchase a starter kit for just around $80, which will be a good place to begin. Now, you must keep in mind that the results you get can be different based on where you live.

It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money growing marijuana if you are only doing it for personal use. The simplest way to grow is outdoors since everything required is already provided by Mother Nature. The soil is packed with plenty of nutrients, every day the sun will rise and the plants will receive water when it rains. So, to get started you just need marijuana seeds and you will also want to buy things like fertilizer and pots to enhance the growing experience.

Indoor growing does not have to be expensive either, as long as you know what you are doing. Using CFL lights will ensure a good yield and save you from having a high electric bill. If you don’t have many plants, then you will not need both a fan and carbon filter to cut down the odor. You just need seeds, CFL lights, a little fan, and pots, for as little as $80 or less.

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