What Can You Do To Help Spread Cannabis Education?

We have entered a new era where credible cannabis education is more accessible and easier to discuss than ever.

And there is so much to learn and share:

  • Spreading cannabis fact versus fiction
  • Getting curious about the latest scientific findings
  • Learning how cannabis actually works in the body
  • Sharing dosage tips and strategies
  • Understanding the history of how cannabis became illegal in the first place

Sharing and taking part in cannabis education with others is extremely important. We all have a role to play in bolstering society’s collective knowledge about this plant and how it works.

After nearly a century of misinformation, unchecked assumptions, and negative propaganda, it will indeed take all of us to truly bring this plant out of the shadows and into the light.

Imagine a world where everybody has safe access and the proper guidance to get the most benefit from this amazing plant! It all starts with cannabis education and working together to spread the word.

Here are several ways you can make an impact:

Spark cannabis dialogues

Dialogue is crucial to the learning process, especially when you’re dealing with so many decades of stigma and stereotypical thinking. For years, cannabis consumers have been overgeneralized as lazy, immoral, or idiotic. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still clinging on to these harmful stereotypes, but that’s starting to change as people realize there is much more to this plant. Dialogue is a great way to tease that curiosity out of people, to ask each other the tough questions, and explore meaningful perspectives on cannabis.

You don’t have to reveal your own cannabis use when discussing this plant with others. You can keep it neutral. Why not spark the conversation by asking the other person’s thoughts about all the states legalizing cannabis, or mention a recent article or study? Let the other person express their thoughts on this important public issue.

Be prepared, do your homework and anticipate the arguments against cannabis. And if things go well, you may consider sharing your own cannabis story on how this plant has impacted your health and well-being. Your story can have a tremendous impact on people.

If you do share your cannabis story, please be mindful of the legal situation in your area and remember that like any medication your cannabis usage is a private matter, so you want to consider your sharing that information with the why.

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For example, you could come out green to close friends or family members, but you probably shouldn’t tell your boss.

Host Educational Events

If you love the idea of sparking cannabis dialogues, why not create a community event to engage as many people as possible? Find a suitable venue, enlist a few speakers, and invite people to attend. Whether it’s a gathering of family and friends or a public event, you can create opportunities for people to learn more about this plant.

Even if you don’t have a lot of cannabis knowledge or you don’t know how to organize events yourself, you can join forces with other cannabis supporters in your area to make a huge impact.

Here are a few suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

  • Locate cannabis groups in your area that could bring in speakers for an educational seminar.
  • If you can curate some great speakers, consider inviting local law enforcement and policymakers
  • Start a cannabis book club in your area (a great book to start with is Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo)
  • Organize a screening of your favorite Green Flower courses

Participate in Advocacy Efforts

Advocacy or activism isn’t about political affiliation; it’s about making sure our lawmakers enact sensible cannabis policy reform. Countless people still do not have access to safe cannabis medicine. Thousands of people are sitting in jail right now with marijuana-only charges (even in legal states), which is a major social justice issue. You can either accept these injustices or you can help change them. Consider getting involved with groups such as NORML or Marijuana Policy Project to initiate change. If these groups don’t have a chapter in your area, I know NORML makes it pretty easy to start one.

If you are backed by a major cannabis reform group, it becomes much easier to engage your community and to influence public opinion on prohibition.

Whether you are organizing events, giving talks, or email writing campaigns to government leaders – the choice is yours. Think about it: you can be a catalyst for change and help to actively end the drug war.

Leverage Social Media

More than one billion people are on Facebook, 500 million on Instagram, and 974 million on Twitter. More people spend time on social media than watching the news. Social media is a global outlet that can be used as a tool for spreading awareness on a massive level. You can combine it with some of the other items on this list or simply use it to share credible information about cannabis with your followers.

Start a conversation on Twitter, around a hashtag. Whether it’s #legalizeit #killthestigma #endprohibition – use the platform to spread awareness. Share an educational post about cannabis with your family or friends on Facebook. This could be a personal story or scientific study for example. Post an infographic or educational photo on Instagram and ask people to tag a friend. Or, for a different approach, request a repost of the image to maximize the number of people reached.Connect with experts in the cannabis community on social media and share their knowledge. For example, retweet their post or participate in their campaign.

Social media has allowed us to have a voice and ignite conversation. It also happens to be free (for the most part) and highly accessible. Use these platforms for social good by spreading cannabis education.

Write an Educational Article

Love to write? Why not do a little research and write an educational blog post about cannabis?

By blogging, you can raise awareness for a lot of people. Whether your interests lie in medicinal applications of cannabis or policy reform, help spread the word.

Need some inspiration? Consider the following:

  • Contribute to the blogs of your favorite cannabis companies (Tip: plenty of non-cannabis blogs also like to publish posts about this plant or the industry)
  • Review a cannabis product or strain
  • Interview an expert in the cannabis world and share their knowledge.
  • Share your favorite cannabis recipes online
  • Write about patients who use cannabis
  • If you have a knack for writing, use this gift to propel the cannabis movement forward. Find a cannabis topic you’re passionate about and start writing!
  • Its always an option to star connecting on our own cannabis community here

Create Compelling Visuals

If you’re someone who loves producing video or designing graphics, cannabis needs your expertise!

Quality visuals of any format can be very compelling. Produce a video highlighting your latest community event. Or consider documenting your volunteer or advocacy efforts. Even if you don’t have a huge following on Youtube, you could create something dynamic enough that is shared by people in your community and beyond. And if you love graphic design or video, why not share that passion with the cannabis community? For example, you could design a graphic that educates people on the benefits of cannabis for cancer patients. If your graphic is good enough, it might be something your favorite cannabis company would like to share with their followers. Or if you already own a cannabis company, a graphic is a great way to connect with your customers. Above all, get creative and be collaborative. Find ways to put your talents to work.

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