What Should You Look For In Male Cannabis Plant For Breeding

Male cannabis plants are normally seen as something undesirable. No one wants their precious crop accidentally pollinated and then ruined, as will happen if we don’t separate the males from the females early on. It is essential to know that male cannabis are best useful in breeding. Imagine creating your own special bud that is more flavourful, more resinous, has better yields, and delivers a better high. You can achieve this when you combine the best qualities of different strains with careful breeding. To do this, you need to keep your males!

If you are planning to get the job done, it is important to know the basics in choosing male cannabis for breeding. Often when selecting a male for breeding you should be looking for the same things you would generally like to find in a female plant.

The Structure

Structure is very important. You want a plant with a sturdy structure that can hold some serious weight on its branches. Select good males based on their stems. Large, hollow stems are normally a good sign, while you should toss those plants with a pithy stem. Males that have a large hollow main stem rather than more pith filled stems are better THC producers. Don’t use males that grow especially fast or tall. The shortest plants with the densest development, and the most smell and vigor, are what you want as a male marijuana plant. Short internodes are crucial.

Leaf structure is also important. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may or may not want fat-bladed leaves that can block light from the canopy.

The Smell

Good quality male weeds have stronger scents than weaker ones. You can rub off the stem and see what smell comes off. Others will only make your fingers sticky while others smell so strong. Some stand out males will smell so strong in veg you won’t even need to rub the stem to notice how much the smell stands out.

The Flowers and Pollination

The male flowers will tell you a lot about it’s potential in terms of yield, potency, health, etc. Eliminate those male plants that flower too early, and rid yourself of those that autoflower. Early flowering males are bad because they carry dominant male genetic traits like hermaphroditism and fibre production. Fast flowering males are good, but avoid using the very first to show sex and blow pollen. Males that produce tight,compact floral clusters rather than sparse airy ones are also usually better to breed with. Look for males that release copious amounts of pollen. You will see that some males release average amounts of pollen, but if you grow enough males you will see some true studs that produce an abundance of pollen. Wait until pollen sacs are well-developed before collecting pollen from the desired male plant.

Other Factors For Selecting a Male Cannabis Plant

  • Look for plants that handle watering and nutrients with the least amount of leaf problems or other nutrients-related issues compared to other plants in the same batch.
  • Look for the plants with the fastest and healthiest root development.
  • Look for male plants that seem the most naturally resistant to powdery mildew or whatever pest or disease was attacking your garden.

Your perfect male marijuana plant is a vigorous, short stature, sturdy, disease and pest resistant plant that takes in nutrients easily, grows fast, sets flower early, has potent smell, and looks like the genetics you sprouted.

The process of picking males for a breeding program is time-consuming and you’ll need to keep great notes about each offspring of a male plant in order to learn what silent traits the male plant is carrying for its female offspring. Keep detailed records of how fast the seeds germinate, and how fast they create leaf sets, roots, and vertical growth.

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