What To Do When You Are Dankrupt?

What to do when you run out of weed?

We’ve all been there and we can all agree that it sucks. Big time! However, for the out-of-the-box stoner there are ways to find a toke to carry you over.

In the next section I’ll be talking about some of the most known and unknown stoner scavenger hacks to track down a toke when you find yourself in a dry spell. Some of the hacks listed in here will require a minimal level of effort to achieve, but can come in handy when you’re left high and dry.

1. Buy more weed

Well, this is the smartest and easiest solution. Don´t panic, don´t resort to smoking the remains of what you have already smoked. Just call your dealer or call a friend, and buy some more weed.

2. Keep a bag of crumbs hidden for our own ‘personal use’

Everyone has been guilty of this at least once or twice.

3. Kief container

Every stoner should have a grinder. If you’re not collecting kief you’re missing out on some amazing hits. I typically wait at least a month before I dip into the kief catcher. You could pipe it or you could bong it, but rest assured that this is one solid hit.

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4. The Roach Graveyard

Joint smoking is probably one of the quickest ways to deplete your stash, however it also provides you with the opportunity to create a Roach Graveyard. Instead of trying to hit that roach until it croaks, you should put it in a jar for later use. If you collect enough roaches by the time you run out of weed, you could easily roll a few joints.

5. Vaped Weed

Smoking vaped weed won’t really do anything to you, but you can make a butter or a warm milk from it that will do the trick. Totally a different high and definitely not the best tasting, this “scarce time backup” works only for those who vape regularly.

6. The Full Grinder Scrub

I discovered this method after I was dry and low on cash and didn’t want to spend on weed just yet. I was scrounging for some weed in my grinder. While there was very little “leafy-ness” to be found, I did notice that all the blades of my grinder was covered in a thick coat of hash. Like a surgeon I went and started scraping off the hash from each blade. By the time I finished the inner circle of grinder blades, I had accumulated enough hash for two bowls.

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7. Attract weed donations

All your friends are stoners, and you know that they have weed. Synchronize a meeting with all of your stoner friends to advertise the fact that you have no weed and no money. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

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8. Digging in the Resin Pit

This is usually the first stop for a scavenger stoner on the quest to get baked. When your favorite pipe gets used time and time again, it builds up resin that can get you high. Note however that this isn’t a pure high, and probably not too good for your health either. You’re essentially smoking residue from past bowls. It won’t taste good either.

9. Wait patiently and soberly until you can obtain another bag

No further explanation needed.

  • Tell us what you do when you run out of weed!

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