What Would Happen If My Number Was Found In A Weed Dealer’s Phone?

In case you’ve ever wondered what might happen if your number is found on a drug dealer’s phone we have the answers, and you might find them interesting.

A lot of people have probably been worried after hearing their dealer got caught by police. Not necessarily worried about the well-being of the one that sold them plants, but concerned about finding a new dealer and more importantly, worried about their text messages or contact info in the dealer’s phone.

After a fantastic run of a couple calls or texts a month, your latest messages go unanswered. His phone is no longer picking up and all seems lost, when you hear word that he’s been arrested. How likely are you to get a call from the cops?

According to Russell Pyne, joint head of crime at Winchester’s 2KBW Chambers law office, “likely none at all. If it’s the phone of your dealer and you’re simply a customer, it’s unlikely the police are going to want to identify all the customers of the dealer and go after them. That might be different if there are other things on the phone, or if the dealer is making allegations against you.”

Also, if your dealer is a kingpin, or a local distributor, you might get contacted by the cops to find out if you’re a low level dealer. Fortunately, though, they probably aren’t going to mess with basic customers.

So basically as long as you are not a dealer, the police say they will not typically bother you.

“There is no criminal offense in asking to be supplied with drugs,” says Pyne. “Offering to supply is a criminal offense, supplying is a criminal offense, and possession is a criminal offense.”

“Nobody should be subject to pressure in order to be a witness,” so, unless there is some sort of police misconduct, you’re likely off the hook.

On the off chance that you are called to help with an investigation, says Pyne, you may be better off going along with it. “There are some—but not many—cases where they can prosecute for not cooperating, but on the whole, people are not under a legal requirement to help the police. Saying that, I wouldn’t suggest that people should obstruct an investigation, of course!”

So overall, there is no need to worry if the police believe you are just someone who buys marijuana for personal use.

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