What You Need To Know If You Want To Work In A Dispensary?

So, you want to work in a dispensary? Sure, working with cannabis all day sounds dreamy. It isn’t always that way though.

So, you want to work in a dispensary? Sure, working with cannabis all day sounds dreamy. It isn’t always that way though. If you’re serious about working in a dispensary, here are 10 things you need to know.

1. It takes research

You need to do more than love cannabis to get a job at a dispensary. Everyone wants to work at a dispensary, so you need to know your stuff. We suggest attending a cannabis industry network event, subscribing to and reading cannabis blogs, and purchasing any literature you can find on the cannabis industry.

2. Asking questions is a must

Ask questions to everyone, even yourself! Why do you want to work in this industry? Any dispensary you contact regarding a job is going to ask you this. Not just anyone can handle managing an office, a grow room or customer service. Understand your own motivations so you can sell yourself.

3. You need to get a background check


For numerous reasons, you are going to need it. A background check assures staff and dispensary owners that you are a person of upstanding morals. In a business where a lot of money is exchanged and time is spent around a desired product, your past must be crime-free. So just get the background check, okay?

4. You need a license

Yes, you do. Working in the cannabis industry is not a walk in the park just because it’s cannabis. States set strict regulations on dispensaries. Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division process applications for individuals to work in an industry. It is all very regulated, so don’t be surprised when you need a license.

5. Know cannabis

Don’t expect to get a job in the cannabis industry and be unable to identify a shatter vs. a wax, or can’t define a hybrid. Buddy, if any of this is true to you, this is not the job for you.

6. You must stay up-to-date

Not just on what is going on at your dispensary if you land the job, but what is happening in the industry. Cannabis regulations and laws change regularly, and you must be prepared to discuss them at your interview, and with dispensary co-workers and customers once you get the job.

7. The work isn’t easy


But should it ever be? Just because you get to work with your favorite plant does not mean that it will be an easy job. Every dispensary has strict systems in place due to state regulations – meaning that you’ll be running numbers, measuring grams, ordering new strains, and tracking sales. None of this is easy work!

8. You can’t be high

If you think you can be stoned all the time and work at a dispensary, you’re wrong. It’s unprofessional and downright bad if there happens to be an inspection.

9. There are numerous job options


If you want to work at a dispensary, you can do a number of jobs. You can be a budtender. Dispensaries also need office managers and accountants. Some dispensaries have their own grow rooms and need growers. Keep your options open!

10. This is a real job

Working at a dispensary is a real job. As fun as it can be, it is hard work and takes a willingness to learn.

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