When Is The Best Time To Smoke Weed to Get the Most Out?

It’s obvious that stoners can’t agree on when the best time to smoke weed is. And while some are arguing about the premium moment, others don’t mind being high all day. Everybody has their smoking ritual, whether it’s smoking in the morning, right before bed or only before shower time. Well, everybody has their right to their moment with Mary Jane – and she has time for just about anybody.

So why is the best time to smoke weed different for you than your smoking buddies? Why do some prefer the morning while others prefer evenings? It probably has a lot to do with your biological makeup and how weed affects you. Plus, the kind of weed you’re smoking also has a lot to do with it. While cannabis energizes some, it makes others sleepy. So let’s check out the best times to smoke weed and why!

After finished duties tokes

For some, the wake n’ bake is too risky because – well, you don’t want everybody at work to know you’re stoned. And fair enough. Not everybody has jumped on board when it comes to marijuana legalization. So there’s the ritual after work toke. It feels good because it’s well earned after a hard day of work. After work is the best time to smoke weed because it’s relaxing!

Shower power smoke time

There also happens to be some arguments about whether mornings or nights are best for showering! In any case, weed and showers go so well together because they are just so damn relaxing!

The wake n’ bake time

Smoking weed in the morning is a favorite stoner pastime. There is something about that first joint of the day that just doesn’t compare to the rest. If you’ve built a tolerance, then this is probably the strongest joint of the day – which makes it the best time to smoke weed.

The morning is also a great time to smoke weed if it has an energizing effect on you – or if you like to smoke energizing sativas. For those of us who get the sleepy effect of marijuana, the morning can be a risky time to use!

Before bed time puff

Oh, how sweet it is to smoke a joint and crawl into bed – especially with a partner. Stoned spooning might actually be the most delightful way to drift off to sleep. If you like to smoke indica more than sativa, then night time is probably the best time of day to smoke weed. This also happens to be the case if marijuana relaxes your brain rather than activates it. For some of us, weed is, mentally, a very active experience, which makes it a no-no before sleeping.

Puff, puff, pass befor eating

Another favorite time to blaze up is before dinner. For some of us, the most excited sense while stoned is taste. And rightfully so. Food tastes especially great after we’ve smoked and our appetites increase to fill up a good belly. But be careful of this one. It’s easy to overeat when high. It’s even easy to keep grazing after dinner to satisfy the munchies. And going to bed with an over-full tummy doesn’t make for morning happiness.

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