Where Are The Best Places To Grow Legal Herb In The U.S.A?

So you’re ready to take your chances as a professional marijuana grower? It’s just about every cannabis enthusiast’s dream. Even if you’re not into the idea of becoming the world’s next best cannabis geneticist and just want to grow for personal reasons, the U.S. is a pretty good place to be. So where is the best place to grow weed, exactly?

Well, if you’re growing indoors, then it doesn’t really matter where you choose to grow, that is, provided you’re obeying state laws! But let’s assume you want to grow some quality outdoor bud; it’s essential to consider some important factors. Sorry New Yorkers, but Manhattan isn’t exactly the perfect place to grow weed. And contrary to popular belief, the Emerald Triangle might not be the absolute best place, either. Growing marijuana outdoors can be risky business, especially if you have neighbors of the nosy kind. So, with climate, population and legal status in mind, we bring you the best places to grow weed in the U.S.


Growing dope in RI without a license is a no-no – so if you’re a resident of this state and want to take your seat as the best cannabis grower in the area, you better familiarize yourself with some laws. You need to be registered as a patient if you plan to grow for personal use. The sun shines more than half the year in Providence, and there isn’t an awful lot of competition for starting your reign as a master cannabis cultivator!


The Emerald Triangle loses some of its growing appeal when you’re not part of big cannabis business. For the small time, weed-loving green thumbs out there, never fear! We still have Sacramento County. The best county in California and arguably the best place to grow marijuana is, in general, Sacramento. With legal recreational marijuana just around the corner for California, an average high of 74 and basically sunny all year, it’s easy to grow dope outdoors in Sacramento.

Jackson County

Now we’re talking. Statistically speaking, Jackson can be considered the best place to grow weed in the USA. It hardly gets cold at night in Southern Oregon, which means that those precious weed plants will be having a ball. Similar to Williams, if you’re looking to get rich, you’re going to be facing some serious competition in legal Oregon. But if you’re just looking for somewhere nice to live where you have access to the dopest of all dope, and free reign to grow your own, Oregon is paradise!


Who would have thought? Well, the weather might not be perfect in Boston, but it’s good enough for squeezing a few plants in. Since legalizing medical marijuana, Massachusetts allows every resident to grow up to 6 plants. Seems like enough plans for a pothead, right? Even when the outdoor season finishes and things start to get a little frosty, just move your garden indoors for some winter bud!


The sunshine and the natural soil of Williams makes it an ideal place to grow weed and probably the best county in Oregon. However, widespread recreational legalization in Oregon makes it one of the harder places to become a successful grower. Big companies have basically cleaned out the little guy, meaning this is not the place to come to make some coin. However, based purely on growing weed, Oregon’s climate and legal status couldn’t be better.

  • Which place would you chose? Let us know in the comments below.

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