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Which Type Of Grinder Is Right For You?

The debate over whether you should grind your cannabis before smoking has long been proven. Grinding your herb will increase the surface area of the flower, thus allowing a smoother and more efficient burn. Compared to using your fingers to break apart the bud, using a grinder is a no-brainer. But what are the three main varieties of herbal grinders? And which one is best suited for you?

Acrylic grinders


The acrylic grinder has been a long-standing champion among dorm rooms and people on a tight budget. These babies can last a really long time if used lightly, usually without sacrificing effectiveness down the road.

But it all depends on the thickness of the plastic. A super lightweight $5 grinder isn’t meant to last 10 years.

Some argue that these plastic grinders can “contaminate” your herbs, but this simply isn’t true. The melting point for acrylic is often over 150°C, so as long as the grinder is far away from torches and lighters, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Whether it be for traveling, a holiday weekend or a once a week smoke session, they can get the job done for cheap.

Metal grinders


Many metal grinders can last a lifetime of heavy use. These things have so much going for them because of their durability and quality.

Often having four parts, metal grinders can separate kief from your flower. This gives the user the control to sprinkle some extra THC onto their bowl when times are tough.

They are often made out of aluminum or titanium and can easily withstand occasional drops. Be aware that these types can be the most pricey, but they should last a minimum of five years.

Wooden grinders


These grinders are best suited for someone that appreciates fine craftsmanship in their cannabis products.

A wooden grinder can be a work of art, and if finished properly they can be very effective at busting up herbs.

Unfortunately, heavy cannabis users should look elsewhere for a long lasting grinder. The teeth on wooden grinders tend to wear down and fall off easily. And if not properly looked after, these grinders can have moisture problems.

Keep in mind that they also do not have a kief catcher.

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  1. There are also electric grinders. I use one and it will grind it as fine as you want it.

  2. In future we have a plan to make an article about them so stay tuned.

  3. I use a Diamond Grinder with the four parts. Very happy with using mine…

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