Why Are Auto-Flowering Plants Great for Beginners


There’s nothing more alluring to beginners than growing plants that are easy to grow. Seriously, who wants to grow plants that are complex in nature? Nobody. Sure, experienced growers love new challenges, but beginners always look for something less intimidating.

If you’re looking for an easy plant to grow in a short amount of time then auto-flower may be your best bet. The autoflowers released today not only have mind-blowing amounts of THC, but the yields are surprisingly as good as photoperiod plants. Despite their short height and compact nature, they produce great yields, proving to be perfect for home-growers to produce their buds pretty quickly.

Small and easy to grow


You can use soil, pot, or container to grow autoflowers. Put the seeds in your moistened paper towel on a plate. Then cover them using another plate to lock the moisture inside. The seeds sprout in about 1 – 4 days. However, older seeds can take a maximum of one week.

The size of autos allows you to save on nutrients since they don’t take up as much as photoperiod plants. Also, it becomes tough to manage plants that grow too big indoors. From managing the vertical height to the horizontal space, it takes a lot of planning to grow huge plants. Since autoflowers are pretty small, it doesn’t take too much to grow autoflowers.

For growers that need big autoflowers, a variety of training techniques can be employed. Once the plant produces at least 4-5 nodes, it can be topped. Alternatively, a technique known as “FIM” can be used to increase the number of colas per plant.

Ready to harvest in 3 months or less

Autoflowers are derived from Ruderalis – a strain that grew primarily in the northern hemisphere. While photoperiod plants rely on light to begin flowering, autoflowers do that with time.

As soon as the plant reaches a specific height or grows a few nodes and branches, the plant automatically starts flowering, which is why they are aptly named autoflowers. Photoperiod plants require at least 4-5 months to complete their vegetative and flowering periods successfully on average, auto-flowering plants are typically ready to harvest in 3 months or less from when they first sprout. A lot of growers prefer a quicker harvest that can still produce a lot of bud.

Autoflowers are seriously easy to grow

Forget the Lowryder and its descendants that made an appearance early in 2000. They were difficult to grow because growers couldn’t understand the science behind autoflowers. But now, 19 years later, things have changed a lot and there’s nothing easier than growing autoflowers that don’t demand much from you.

Autoflowers don’t need loads of light, but they will amaze you if you provide 18/6 cycle with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. You don’t even need to change the cycle to 12/12 in order to induce flowering because they are automatic. Simply sow the seeds, turn on the lights, and they will grow to the best of their potential without you having to constantly spoon feed them.

Autos grow perfectly in an 18/6 cycle. One doesn’t have to change the schedule in order to make them flower, but you can do so in order to save some money. By reducing the number of hours per day, you’re not only saving on electricity bills but even other equipment including the air conditioner, fans and lights will perform for longer periods of time.

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Apart from programming autoflowers to flower automatically, breeders regularly work on them to make them resistant to a variety of diseases and mold. Whether it is mildew, fungus or even pests commonly known to attack cannabis plants, they are extremely resistant to a variety of problems. For beginners, autoflowers are a perfect choice since it’s pretty difficult for beginners to overcome problems.

Can be grown outdoors in most climates


Traditional outdoor cannabis plants must be planted in the Spring, and need at least 4-5 months of warm-but-not-too-wet weather before Fall. This set of requirements makes it difficult to grow outdoors in a lot of climates. But as long as your climate gets warm, sunny weather for at least three months at a time, you should be able to grow an auto-flowering plant outside. This is great for growers who would like to grow during a short but sunny summer, during warm winter months, or to get an early outdoor harvest.

More harvests


Since photoperiod plants flower after a change in the season, they can be grown only twice or maybe thrice when grown outdoors. Unless you live near the equator where plants can be grown throughout the year, you can’t grow a lot of plants.

However, autoflowers come to your rescue even in this area because they don’t need a change in the season to start flowering. They don’t depend on shorter days, longer nights or any other specific rule to grow some gorgeous buds we all love.

As a result, they can be grown in any season outdoors. As long as the temperatures don’t dip below 15°C or go above 35-40°C, they perform well. Most plants don’t perform in extreme temperatures, so you can’t blame autoflowers since they too are regular plants.

Autoflowering cannabis is potent

source: social.zenpype.com

Many people believe that autos are not potent because Lowryder, the first autoflowering to hit the market over ten years ago was less potent than other cannabis strain. It can relieve signs of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. However, it produces light cerebral effects with slow onset.

There have been a lot of changes since then, and the auto-flowering kinds in the market now contain a significant amount of cannabinoid (CBD), THC, and other compounds like other feminized cannabis.

It is the right time to try growing autoflowering seeds if you have never tried them. They can be the right choice as you can both grow them outside or inside. The autoflowers released today not only have mind-blowing amounts of THC, but the yields are surprisingly as good as photoperiod plants. Despite their short height and compact nature, they produce great yields, proving to be perfect for home-growers to produce their buds pretty quickly. Therefore, you can benefit hugely from them. Be cautious and choose the right variety that suits your climate for better yields.

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