Why Is Cannabis So Much Better Than Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most common vices. After all, you can get it just about anywhere. But that doesn’t make it safe, now does it? According to the 2015 NSDUH, 15.1 million adults ages 18 and up suffer from alcohol use disorder. Despite this statistic, booze remains legal. Meanwhile, weed, which is far less dangerous than alcohol, is illegal on a federal level.

It’s no secret that lighting up is safer than throwing back a few cold ones. From zero hangovers to fewer potty breaks, here are 16 reasons why weed is better than booze.

1. Alcohol is the real gateway drug

For years and years, weed has had the reputation of being a gateway drug. But there’s a new study that can confirm that alcohol is the real gateway drug. After observing the drug use of 14,577 American high school seniors from 120 schools, researchers at the University of Florida discovered that 72.2% had tried alcohol at least once. As for pot, they found that only 43.3% said that they’d used before.

2. Pot gives you the best sleep of your life

After toking on your favorite indica, it doesn’t take long for you to pass out. Before you know it, you’re waking up the next day feeling well-rested.

3. I Have Never Thrown Up From Smoking Too Much Weed

Case and point: After I drank three glasses of wine last weekend and promptly threw up my expensive dinner, I marveled at just how long it had been since I’d last thrown up. And you know why? Because I barely ever drink that much anymore.

4. I Love To Laugh

Sure, people laugh when they’re drunk. But weed definitely takes the cake on this one. Everyone knows that.

5. I Am Rarely Motivated To Do Yoga, Write, or Clean My Closet When Drunk

Some people are productive while they’re drunk, and lazy when they’re stoned. For me though, I’m way more likely to clean, stretch, draw, write poetry, or otherwise be creative and productive when I’m high. Not sure why, but I love it.

6. It Leaves More Room For Snacks

Beer is great and all, but it’s filling. Weed doesn’t have any calories, which leaves more room for CAKE. Priorities, people.

7. Going out is cheaper

A few drinks at the bar can cost you a fortune. Weed can be expensive, too. But in the long run, purchasing pot is a lot cheaper than going out every weekend for cocktails.

8. No hangover, no problem

Hangovers suck, period. And if you drink too much, you’re guaranteed to get one. Weed, on the other hand, can do wonders for your body and mind. I might get a dry mouth, but I won’t be slowly losing all my electrolytes.

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9. Weed isn’t the one destroying your brain

Some swear that marijuana will rot your brain. But there’s a new study that says otherwise. While the study found that booze causes adverse changes in brain structure, they did not find those changes in adolescents or adults that use the herb.

10. I Don’t Have To Pee All The Time From Getting High

Also nice when you’re at a crowded bar.

11. Weed Makes Me More In Touch With How I’m Feeling — Not Less

Alcohol is a substance that’s popular because it makes you forget about your insecurities, and taken to extremes, who you are. I believe weed tends to scare people because it often has the opposite effect. When I’m feeling awkward while socially stoned, I like to walk towards that feeling, not away from it. Being present with whatever it is I’m feeling, without getting paranoid about it, is like getting one step closer to being totally at ease with myself. Because I don’t want to forget my insecurities: I want to face them, and laugh.

12. Weed doesn’t lead violence

Of all the drugs out there, alcohol is the one responsible for most violent crimes. According to the NCADD, roughly 3 million violent crimes occur each year in which the victims report that the offender had been drinking at the time. Meanwhile, potheads will destroy a pizza, and that’s about it.

13. Weed Doesn’t Weaken My Immune System The Way Drinking Does

If I ever come down with a cold, which I do more rarely than most people I know, it is usually either a) while I’m on my period or b) after an ill-advised night of drinking. Alcohol weakens your immune system to a degree weed simply doesn’t.

14. Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of death

According to the National Insitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 88,000 people die every year from causes related to alcohol. Meanwhile, weed has never killed a single soul.

15. Alcohol isn’t medicinal

Sure, rubbing alcohol can sterilize your cuts. However, it’s nowhere near as beneficial as cannabis. From nausea to chronic pain, cannabis is used to treat a variety of conditions.

16. And, Yes, Cannabis Can Be Medicinal

Marijuana has a long, long list of physician-approved medical uses and the list is growing. Other than red wine’s ability to lower blood pressure, alcohol does just about nothing positive for a person’s health.

[Updated, originally published 23.9. 2017]

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