Why is Cannabis Strain Girl Scout Cookies so Popular?


There are now thousands of strain names listed on popular marijuana strain online listings. With so many possible strains to choose from, how does a single strain shoot to popularity in just a few years, becoming a staple on the shelves of legal marijuana dispensaries everywhere?

Is it branding? Clever naming? Celebrity endorsement? Other strains have these and don’t reach the level of recognition that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has achieved in so short a time, so what’s the secret?

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain that originated in California in 2009 and has since spread worldwide. Why is it so popular? Not only does it combine the best of sativa and indica traits, it is high in THC and unbelievably tasty. Even the Cookie Monster would sit up and take notice!

Aside from quality and potency, the name of the strain itself has taken on a viral nature within a short time. You could even blame the Girl Scouts for both promoting their sales outside cannabis shops, and getting upset about the name.

Whether it’s the controversial name, or simply the fact that the strain is pure gas, everyone has come to know Girl Scout Cookies as a cannabis strain down the West Coast. Several factors go into what may have given GSC such a rise to fame that all came together so nicely it needed further detail.

A main reason for the bestselling status of Girl Scout Cookies is the parent strains it combines. A hybrid strain, Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is an indica dominant stunner. The strain is popularly claimed to be the offspring of OG Kush x Durban Poison strains, but some sources claim it could be a mix of OG Kush x Cherry Pie (Grandaddy Purp x Durban Poison). Regardless of the exact genetics, this mix of indica and sativa traits give it a well rounded set of effects.


Born in the Bay Area, it didn’t take long for Girl Scout Cookies to spread throughout California and across the West to states like Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

GSC has become so popular that it has a couple off-shoot phenotypic variations. You may have also seen strains by the name of “Thin Mint Cookies,” or “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies,” which only further brought more shine to the original genetics. Other off-shoots include Sin Mint Cookies, Samoa Cookies, Animal Cookies, Peppermint Cookies, White Tahoe Cookies, and even Chem Mint Cookies.

Like most popular strains, some controversy surrounds Girl Scout Cookies, including both the strain’s origin and its name. Similar issues were tied to other strain names using trade marked terms, including the Gorilla Glue marijuana strain and glue manufacturer.

The Girl Scouts weren’t too happy with the strain’s rising popularity, and the organization even went so far as to send a cease-and-desist letter to a California dispensary selling Girl Scout Cookies, claiming that it was theft of intellectual property. Fortunately, most pot shops ignored the warning, and you can find the strain in both legal shops and on the street pretty easily these days. However, it seems that legal marijuana and Girl Scout Cookies are connected in other ways. Girl Scouts in several legal marijuana markets made headlines over the past few years for selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of dispensaries. One young scout in San Diego reportedly sold 300 boxes in under 6 hours, or an average of 50 boxes an hour. That’s almost a box a minute.

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When people encounter this strain for the first time, there are only three reactions. They adore the unique bouquet, they love the high, and they want more.

If you have ever seen a real sample of the strain Girl Scout Cookies, you know there is almost no other strain that looks like it. A lot may come close, but nothing truly recreate it when it’s growing or harvested. GSC is much darker than most cannabis people know and see. When most people think of cannabis, they think green. The color of GSC is a much deeper green with hues of purple, all under the mountains of resin giving it a final, frosty touch.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is characterized visually by its purple streaks, orange hairs, and light green leaves. It features a sweet and spicy, oven-baked scent, while some users report notes of citrus and musk. Girl Scout Cookies is known for a cerebral intensity and comfortable body melt, translating into pure relaxation.

The aroma and taste comprise a big part of this powerhouse strain’s appeal, too. The buds give off a biscuity, toasty smell when burnt. Even when just broken open, flowers exude a citrusy musk. Upon inhaling, expect sweet, herbal flavours. Amidst all the OGs, Kushes, Chems, Sours, Hazes, Cheeses, Bubbas and Purps on the market today, Cookies rightly deserves a category of its own due to its terpene profile. This unique flavor makes people keep smoking it; once consumers experience how different it is, they just want more.

GSC and its crosses all test pretty high in the lab. They usually average around 22 percent THC on the low side, and some crosses can test up to 30 percent THC on the higher side. As GSC is a potent indica-dominant strain, it can potentially offer several medical benefits relative to relaxation. For example, severe pain, appetite loss, and nausea are all conditions the brain-blasting power of the Girl Scout Cookies strain can possibly alleviate.

On the slightly negative side? GSC is known for causing the munchies. It can also cause dry mouth. Some users also report dry eyes. Newbie cannabis tokers may experience mild paranoia. Due to its high terpene and THC levels, this strain is already finding its way into full plant extracts and oils.

And while this strain is absolutely powerful enough to delight and satisfy veterans, it is also a great strain for beginners. Just go slow. The balanced high often lasts longer than with other strains.

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