Why is Smoking Pure Cannabis The Best?

For ages, tobacco and cannabis have been a part of traditions and rituals. Some people mix them together, while others just use them one after the other. Whichever the preference, both create a smoking experience that is quite different from just smoking pure weed.

In the 60’s and 70’s it was almost impossible to get something different than hashish in European countries, so smokers crumbled it in their cigarettes, otherwise it would not burn well. This would go on to become the famous spliff.


Although the combination is not something new, weed fans are divided as to whether or not they will join the spliff bandwagon. If you have not tried the mixture yet, you probably want to know its difference from smoking straight weed as well as its effects.

Cigarette smokers get addicted to nicotine easily, so they do not just stop at one stick. In fact, surveys have shown that Americans would smoke an average of two to four daily – that is at least 1,000 a year. For those who smoke more, the risk is greater.

With spliffs, however, the situation is a little different. Cannabis is a strong component with robust effects, so it is not common to find chain-smokers of spliffs. Therefore, it can help reduce exposure to smoke from tobacco and in return, it also lowers the negative health consequences.

If you are worried about the health effects of spliffs, there is a much easier solution: smoke weed – just straight weed.

Cannabis Is Less Harmful Than Tobacco

Any form of smoking can cause health issues, but the science behind it all boils down to the chemicals (by-products) of tobacco combustion — many of which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Increased exposure to tobacco smoke not only increases the amount of these chemicals absorbed in the body, but it puts our respiratory and cardiovascular systems at risk of damage, disease or a variety of cancers. In regards to cigarettes, let us not forget that they contain over 4,000 toxic chemicals, 70 of which are said to cause cancer, including formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, to name a few.

Although there are some studies that challenge cannabis smoke to be equally damaging as that from tobacco, it’s unclear exactly just how much.

Pure Flavor

When you smoke pure cannabis in a joint, without tobacco, you get to taste the strain you’re smoking ‘like nature intended’. No added terpenes or chocolate flavored cake to compromise the earthy goodness or fruity flaves the bud got from mama nature.

You Will Sleep Better

Research1 from John Hopkins University found that people who used tobacco were four times more likely to have a bad night’s sleep compared to a non-tobacco user. It was thought that this was likely a result of nicotine withdrawals. Quitting tobacco use when smoking cannabis, and getting over the nicotine withdrawals, will leave your body in a much better condition to get a good night’s sleep, as cannabis doesn’t contain nicotine.

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Bigger Lung Capacity


With so many biased, poorly-conducted studies and mixed conclusions out there, it’s easy to believe that cannabis smokers are puffing away their lungs health. But, as you probably wouldn’t believe, it doesn’t negatively influence lung function and capacity (how much air your lungs can contain) as much as tobacco does. Research has shown unexpected and positive results, which occasional cannabis use had increased lung airflow rates and lung capacity. By inhaling more deeply and holding the breach for some time, pure cannabis smokers are regularly training their lungs, thus, making them stronger. And we haven’t even taken into account the positive effects of some cannabinoids and terpenes on our respiratory system.

On the other hand, results of tobacco use show the expected drop in lung function and chest expansion. Damaged muscles in the chest and airways caused by tobacco not only decrease lung capacity but also limits the amount of inhaled of air over time.

No More Stained Teeth or Hands

Tobacco smoke is full of sh*t. There is no dispute about this. One side effects of such smoke is yellow staining – usually the teeth, hands and fingernails. Whilst quitting the use of tobacco with your weed won’t be an immediate fix, it will allow the build up to stop. This will help the skin and nails to go back to normal with time, as well as your teeth with more time and possible intervention. This is not a problem with pure weed, as it does not contain the plethora of chemicals and toxins that are responsible.

You Won’t Smell Like An Ashtray

People who use tobacco often tend to have that distinct ashtray smell about them. It is horrible. This is because the chemicals tobacco contains linger in its smoke, causing it to seep into your hair and clothing.

Leaving Tobacco Behind Could Save You Money

This point is more for those who also smoke pure tobacco. Thanks to the addiction, smoking tobacco can be a costly habit. It is not unusual for a regular tobacco smoker to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day (or the equivalent). Depending on where you live in the EU, this can be quite expensive! Just think of the money you could save if you stopped using it. This money could be used elsewhere… like getting more weed!


From lung cancer to heart disease and respiratory damage, the dangers of smoking tobacco are well-known. The cold hard truth is, you can’t have it all. We should be much more conscientious of the substances we put in our bodies. One thing is clear, smoking pure cannabis is better from all perspectives, when compared to that with tobacco. It is never too late to ditch the tobacco in your joints and to embrace a plant that can do wonders on its own!

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