Why Is Taking A Pause From Cannabis A Good Idea?

When you smoke cannabis on a daily basis for months or years, you’ll probably start to feel like you’re not getting as high as you used to. You start reminiscing on those giggly highs you had as a kid, wondering why that doesn’t happen anymore. While it is possible to become highly tolerant of cannabis and its myriad effects, the buildup can be reversed by taking a break from the drug. Some consumers benefit from reducing their rate of consumption, while others choose to abstain completely for a set duration so that the more noticeable, psychoactive effects of cannabis can return at fuller potency. Despite rotating strains or trying new consumption methods, some consumers report that the expected effects from cannabis seem to dissipate or feel muted after repeated use. To combat these diminishing effects, some consumers opt to take “tolerance breaks” in order to refresh how their bodies and minds react to cannabis.

Other than being forced to take a break for lack of access or trying to find a job, why would anyone in their right mind want to go on a cannabis hiatus? Well, it turns out that there are some positive effects of sobriety after all. A week, two weeks, or a month off from cannabis could give you perspective on your consumption habits and help you lower your tolerance.

You’ll get higher when you start consuming again

The more you smoke, the more you have to smoke in order to get the same high as those precious first few puffs. If you want to feel like a lightweight again and make your weed last longer, try taking a hiatus. It can be anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on your situation. If you’re a daily smoker, even a few days off can work wonders on your tolerance. Dealing with idiotic co-workers during these breaks? Well, I didn’t say it would be easy.

Stay Level-Headed

While the number one reason to take a cannabis tolerance break is for a tolerance reset, perhaps the most important reason is to clear your head. Over time, the body needs to be essentially flushed of cannabinoids. This reduction in levels of things like THC will help your body lower your tolerance again and basically balance you back out. Another reason to stay level-headed with a weed tolerance break is so you don’t lose yourself in the euphoric world that cannabis introduces. A clear head is important, and it’s important to remind the body that the augmented state that cannabis puts people in isn’t always the best way to be. Respect the substance, don’t abuse it.

Improved Productivity

If you have ever felt like a stoned couch potato after partaking, you’re not alone. Cannabis, and especially indicas, can leave you feeling sleepy, lazy, and easily entertained by mind-numbing television and “unproductive” tasks (like seeing if I could really eat an entire 20-ounce steak in one sitting. Turns out that yes, yes I can). If your “to-do” list is starting to look more like a grocery list, try taking a few days off of marijuana and see if you can make those “to-dos” “to-DONES”.


When you stop regularly consuming cannabis, the first thing you might notice are your dreams. It’s very common for your dreams to become much more vivid when you take a break from weed. That’s because cannabis actually suppresses REM sleep, which is when dreaming occurs — so when you stop consuming weed, your REM dreams bounce back much more intensely. If you’re quitting weed temporarily, this can be a good opportunity to pay attention to your dreams and take cues from your subconscious. While you may not have the insight or perspective cannabis usually provides, you can learn from the dream state of your own mind.

Take Control

Not being dependent on cannabis will make you feel in control of your life and that, in turn, will brighten your days and lighten your mood. Knowing that you can truly smoke only when you want to (and actually meaning it) will make your smoke sessions that much better.

Save Money

Another reason to take a break from weed is to save money — not only during your hiatus, but afterward. When you return to cannabis, your tolerance will be lower. You can start over, smoke less or eat fewer edibles.

You never know how your body will react until you try! Some people can easily switch on and off and make the most of a break! Others have a really tough time. Take the right steps, stay active, and keep your eye on the prize. Your body and mind will thank you.

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