Why Is Totally Worth Growing Your Own Cannabis

With the legal market, however, consumers now can purchase an array of products without considering cultivation, much like grocery store produce. You may be considering growing your own cannabis, but are not sure if it will pay off the way you want it to. Taking cultivation into your own hands gives you complete control of the products used to grow your cannabis, giving you full knowledge of the process and a better understanding of the plant. It also allows you to explore growing techniques, genetics, harvest times, and curing strategies. This all requires time and effort, but sharing the fruits of your labor with your friends and family is unparalleled.

Cannabis activists have fought for a long time to end prohibition and to create the freedom for responsible adults to cultivate their own cannabis. There are a million reasons why you should start growing your own ganja, but for the sake of time, I’ll only go into what I think are the best reasons.

 Less Expensive

You might not think that growing your own ganja would be less expensive than just going to the dispensary, especially since growing equipment can be pretty pricey, but it is. What you have to consider is that once you get good growing equipment, that’s the largest sum that you’ll have to drop all at once. You can make all of that back should you decide to sell your crop yields to a dispensary. Have you really thought about how much you spend at the dispensary each month, or each week? If you’re the type to drop half of your paycheck, then it’s time to consider growing your own. Then you’ll have the funds for other things that you probably need.

Strains & Flavors 

There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana to choose from, each with their own attributes and flavors. One of the hardest decisions a grower has to decide upon is which strain to grow (this time). It is entirely possible to grow a crop of many different strains – there is nothing stopping a grower from growing one strain per plant in a crop of many plants.

Control over what you consume

When a person cultivates their own cannabis, they have control over what type of medium it is grown in, what types of nutrients the cannabis plant(s) is fed, and can ensure that no harmful products were used in the course of cultivating and harvesting the cannabis.The only way to know exactly what is in your cannabis is to grow your own. That in itself is enough reason to get a personal garden going!


There are a lot of things that you can do with your leftover trim. For instance, you can make tons and tons of cannabutter, which leads to mountains of delicious baked goods. You can also juice raw cannabis and do a cannabis cleanse. You can make tinctures, lotions, and all kinds of neat things. There is much more to the cannabis plant than just the buds (though those are the best part). The best part is that it’s all free!


Once a successful crop is harvested and cured, chances are there will be a pretty good feeling about the new crop, and for good reason. Taking on a two-month project is an investment in time and effort. The rewards, though, are worth it.


Once a crop is harvested and cured, knowing this new skill will bring other growers out of the woodwork. Most growers keep the fact that they grow under tight-lipped security, so it’s pretty difficult to meet one, that is until you start growing. Then you’re going to meet all kinds of growers, because growers love talking to fellow growers about growing. You’ll pick up some tricks of the trade that will most certainly benefit you.

Sharing with Friends 

Most people know how much they smoke on any given day. If there is more buds than what will be consumed by harvest time of the next crop, think of sharing with friends. Most stoners hang out with stoners, so sharing even a small amount of the costly green with friends will be much appreciated.

 Who Knows…You Might Make A Career Out Of It

You never know, you might have a gift for growing, in which case you should definitely be sharing that gift with the world, not to mention your bank account! Seriously though, if you are at all interested in botany, or genetics, you should certainly consider growing your own ganja. Growers are superstars in the cannabis world. You could end up hitting the big time.

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[Updated, originally published 16.5. 2020]

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