Why True Stoners Like to Smoke Joints

Smoking a joint is not only a wonderful way to get high, it is also a mark of prestige in the stoner community. It signifies that you respect the art of joint rolling, and that you are a True Stoner. Cannabis has been smoked by humans for thousands of years, and we’re clearly not gonna stop any time soon. In the history of stoner time a staple of smoking pleasure has always been that of rolling herb in a paper to make a smokeable tube of awesome known as a “joint.” A joint offers stoners the penultimate experience for smoking cannabis, and here are just a few of the reasons why!

Because Joints Are Fun

Because you can, that’s why. A joint has many wonderful properties, despite being the least efficient in saving bud. This is because in life you need to have things that you can just enjoy, that you can simply have fun with and not worry about the consequences. Joints are the simplest way you can feel luxurious, or to consider a treat. Whenever I feel like treating myself I roll a joint, and when I’ve had a bad day? I roll two.

Joints Allow You To Relax While Smoking


Unlike pipes, a good joint only needs to be lit once and it’ll burn to the end. You don’t need to carry around a pipe and a lighter, or move the bulky bong out into the middle of the room, just light it up, puff, puff, and pass it along! Drop the bong? You’re gonna spend the next hour cleaning up glass and bong-water. Drop your joint? Pick it right back up and keep toking!

Rolling Joints Is Art


Rolling a joint takes patience, skill, and a respect for the craft. Don’t even get me started on people who have the ability to make cross joints, braids, and other fantastic smokable oddities. Sure, you could buy a roller at your local smoke shop for pretty cheap, but nobody respects someone who can’t roll their own joints. Even if it’s horribly uneven and canoes when you smoke it, you’ll get a lot more respect for a hand-rolled joint than a machine-made one.



Nothing compares to the pure elegance of a joint, but that doesn’t mean the potential of paper-wrapped toking stops there. Mix some tobacco into the mix and you got a spliff, which brings a whole new layer of possibilities into the game. Imagine the tobacco and strain combinations you can make! Maybe that’s not your style, maybe you just want to wrap your bud in a tobacco leaf, and make a fat blunt, which is just as admirable, and frankly a requirement to be considered a true stoner.

Joints Unlock The Full Flavor Of Cannabis

If you want to experience the true flavor of your bud you MUST smoke it dry. This means no bongs and no bubblers. Sure those will still let you get some of the taste of the bud, but even a dry pipe doesn’t give you the full taste of your bud. Only joints allow you to get the full flavor experience from your herb and let you take the time to appreciate it’s flavors, smells and smoking experience.

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