Why You Should Clone Your Cannabis Plants?

Unlike starting from a seed, cloning allows you to use a grown cannabis plant to create a bunch of new, baby cannabis plants. A clone is a cutting from a plant, and will have the exact DNA, therefore the exact same properties as the mother plant. Growing from clones is how the best growers in the business produce a reliable, repeatable product, batch after batch.Plants grown from seed can be less than predictable. Not only are clones more reliable for growing the same quality, but you already know what the bud will be like, so there is no guessing.

Benefits of Cloning

  • When you’ve found that ideal cannabis plant, the only way to get additional plants just like it is to clone it. Cloning is the only way to ensure that you’re growing a perfect replica.
  • Getting high-quality cannabis seeds can quickly become expensive. But cloning helps you cut back on those expenses. When you clone a killer cannabis plant, you’ll get an entirely new batch of plants without spending another penny on seeds.
  • Cloning cannabis plants lets you skip the seed germination phase. Cloning lets you go straight to the root growing stage.
  • Because clones get to the flowering phase quicker than starting from seed, you can squeeze in more harvests per year. If you time it right, you could theoretically have a continuous flow of bud all year long.

What is your preference: Seeds or Clones? Leave a comment below!

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