Woody Harrelson Breaks Up With Cannabis

Actor Woody Harrelson, one of the most well known celebrity stoners, has decided to break up with cannabis after a three decade long love affair. Don’t worry, they’re still friends. The 55 year old actor, known for his roles in Cheers, and True Detective, claims that he actually quit using cannabis almost a year ago.

He still loves cannabis though.

“I don’t have a problem at all with smoking. I think it’s great. I think it’s a great drug, in terms of… Even cops say that the side effect is euphoria. Or the … what do you call it?… The effect of it is euphoria. But when you’re doing it all the time, it just becomes… Well, you know. I feel like it was keeping me from being emotionally available,”

he said in an interview with Vulture.

Woody Harrelson has been a vocal proponent of cannabis legalization for thirty years, using his celebrity status as a platform to fight for legalization. He even served on the board of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). He hasn’t said that he’s going to stop fighting for the cause, and I would not expect him to. In his words, he was partying “too fucking hard.”

I have no doubt that Harrelson will continue to support cannabis legalization, though he probably won’t be focusing on it as much as he did in the nineties and early 2000’s. That is perfectly fine. As far as I’m concerned, he’s done more than his fair share to help the cause. I also think it’s pretty cool that he still has the same attitude toward cannabis as he did before. How many ex-drinkers do you know of who say, “Yeah I quit drinking, but alcohol is still awesome”?

Regardless whether he uses cannabis or not, Woody Harrelson is still one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. His new movie Wilson will be out in theaters this weekend, and you should probably go check it out.

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