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Woody Harrelson Had To Smoke A Joint To Get Through Dinner With Donald Trump

Woody Harrelson is an actor and activist. While many know him for his on-screen prowess, his other claim to fame is his work in advocacy. Harrelson champions various causes like UNICEF, environmental activism and… drug reform.

It is well documented that Harrelson enthusiastically supports the legalization of both cannabis and industrial hemp. Another thing about Harrelson that’s well documented? His personal love of weed.

Harrelson doesn’t smoke weed anymore. He stopped a little over a year ago. But honesty is a virtue, so he doesn’t make any sort of half-baked effort to downplay his former relationship with Mary Jane. Such an effort would be pointless anyway since evidence of his affinity for the ganj populates the internet.

Plus, if he did, we would not be gifted with the absolute gem of a story he told on Real Time With Bill Maher.

Dinner with Donalt Trump

Back in 2002, the former wrestler turned politician Jesse Ventura invited our man Woody Harrelson to a dinner party. The other notable guest in attendance? None other than the reality show celebrity and sexual predator turned wannabe politician Donald Trump.

Trump apparently wanted to run for president in the 2004 election. On the Democratic ballot. And he wanted Jesse Ventura to be his running mate.

Harrelson remembers the entire experience as wholly unpleasant. In fact, he describes the dinner as “brutal.”

“I have never met a more narcissistic man,” he said to his longtime friend Bill Maher. “He talked about himself the whole time… I had to walk out, like, halfway through and smoke a joint just to, like, steel myself from the rest of it.”

We can’t help but wonder if Trump recognized that Harrelson had to smoke a joint just to make him seem barely tolerable. Considering the extent of the president’s narcissism, we would venture a guess and say that no, he was probably only aware of himself.

Final Words: Woody Harrelson Had To Smoke A Joint To Get Through Meal With Trump

For one, we can probably all sympathize and empathize with the situation. You find yourself stuck in a social engagement with an unpleasant person. You can’t leave the social engagement because then people will think that you lack decorum. It’s a classic conundrum.

So what can you do? While some might be content to drink the night away, others might not consider that to be a healthy option. The better option, for some people, might be to smoke weed, which is safer, anyway.

The other reason why we’re so entertained by this story is the fact that it’s about our current Commander In Chief. Woody Harrelson had to smoke a joint to get through a meal with Donald Trump.

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