Would You Smoke Weed That Went Into Space?

Carl Sagan proposed in his novel “Contact” that the first time aliens may have encountered something from Earth was, unfortunately, Adolf Hitler, delivering the opening speech to the 1936 Summer Games. In the book, he explains that it was the first television signal strong enough to escape the planet’s ionosphere. If only to justify a lot of black light posters and bong art, I propose we try sending aliens some weed instead. One group out of Arizona is already sending weed into space, and they’re asking you to pay a premium to smoke it.

“We are launching the world’s very first space weed,” says Dr. Chris Rose to the chorus of inspirational music usually reserved for feelgood Burger King spots and the backstory segments of Chopped contestants. “We’re going to achieve that by sending it high above the earth, and [capturing] some fantastic dramatic footage…The commonly accepted gateway to space is 19.2 km, we want to go higher than that.”

The cosmic stunt was arranged by Herban Planet, a cannabis business advocacy group. Outfitted with tracking tech and a weather balloon, the team sent a pound of pot (Thin Mint, specifically) 35 kilometers into the air. High, high, high up above the clouds. High enough to see the curvature of the Earth contrast against the empty void of space. The balloon then popped, and the cannabis came crashing back down to earth.

Despite Dr. Rose’s testament, Herban Planet isn’t the first company to send weed into the skies above. VICE pulled a similar stunt a while back, though they just sent a meager joint. Herban Planet can still claim the trophy for “most weed” sent to space. The team told the Phoenix New Times they weren’t aware they had been beaten to the punch until they were far into the process.

That said, this space mission wasn’t all for naught. Herban Planet will be selling the “Space Weed Bro” at a premium of $100 through the Level Up dispensary in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you feel like you have that kind of money to burn, see if you can pair the smoke session with that pizza Anamanaguchi sent into orbit.

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