Why You Should Avoid Bleached Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are very likely the most used weed smoking accessory in the world. In fact, they are so common that it is safe to say that every weed smoker must have came in contact with them at least once in his life. So you should try not to go wrong when making a choice of a rolling papers .so many options seemed to have over the market (such as vapes, bongs, pipes etc.) but despite all the innovations which comes into the market on a daily basis, virtually every smoker creates a room for the traditional rolling of buds in papers once in a while.

Rolling papers have long been in existence during the reign of King Philip the third of Spain. It was said that beggars at that time picked up remnants of already smoked cigars from the ground and the tobacco contents are gathered and wrapped in a different paper and it is smoked. This practice became very common and it even spread all over Europe giving birth to the modern contemporary rolling papers we make use of. Rolling papers are now made from different materials ranging from hemp to no-hemp, bleached to unbleached etc. this has made it difficult to find the right paper to roll your buds as there are tons of rolling paper types in the market today, each of which possesses their respective pros and cons.

Wood pulp, despite been in existence for centuries now, is still very popular and from research it is still the most common material employed in making rolling papers. Natural wood pulp rolling papers are usually brown or light brown in color and they burn faster than other material based papers. They are characterized by a somewhat thick appearance and feel when held in the hands, you would be tempted to attribute this feature to quality, but then you would be getting it all wrong. But nevertheless, thick papers makes your joints burn faster, bringing about harshness in the smoke which is capable of creating oral or lungs irritation. It is to this regards that some manufacturers of rolling papers resolved and decided to introduce chemicals to this traditional (thick appearing) rolling papers, basically to make them lighter, stronger and even finer with the aim of making them burn for a longer period of time. To achieve this goals, manufacturers now introduced bleaches such as chlorine and calcium carbonate into the production process of rolling papers. if you purchase a rolling paper that is made from wood pulp and it is white in color, it should leave you with just one conclusion, which is that the brown color of wood pulp has been altered by the use of bleaching chemicals like chlorine and calcium carbonate as earlier mentioned. Other bleaching agents exist but this two have found deep application in the industry.

Bleaching of rolling papers to remove the brown coloration is no longer a strange thing in the industry anymore and in reality, most of the rolling papers you see in shops today have been bleached. The bleaching process of rolling paper is highly contaminant for the environment, since it involves several toxic and harmful substances like chlorine. This bleached papers alter the taste of marijuana buds and takes away the flavor accompanied with cannabis while putting users at risk. Luckily for joint lovers, we can now find and use different kinds of bleached rolling papers, those bleached with chlorine or other derivatives, those bleached with substances like oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine and are referred to as unbleached rolling papers. This unbleached category of rolling papers are safe to use and also safe for the environment.

It is common knowledge that rolling papers are made out of wood pulp, just like other types of paper. However, not very many know that rolling papers come in other versions, made of other materials as well.

Two of the most popular materials for rolling papers other than wood pulp are hemp and rice.

  • Hemp rolling papers

Rolling papers made of hemp have just recently started making a boom on the market, as hemp has not been a very popular material to work with in the last 70-80 years. With the industrialization of cannabis and hemp, rolling papers made out of hemp have increasingly started becoming more and more popular over the last 2 decades.

  • Rice rolling papers

This type of rolling papers is made out of processed rice and on occasion additives, such as sugar or flax. Rice papers are many people’s favorite choice as they very thin and have little to no taste to them. They also burn very slowly, which means that they also go out very often.

While looking for papers that are less harmful to your health, stick to those that are unbleached made with natural ingredients. Also keep in mind that the thinner the paper you use, the less smoke you will be inhaling.

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