You Would Never Guess The Top 5 Pot Related Emergency Room Visits!

We did a research about the most common cannabis related emergency room visits. You would never guess what the top 5 visits are.

The most common causes of cannabis related emergency department visits were figured out in a new review published in the American Journal of Health System Pharmacy. This has given the policymakers and leaders in the industry a thought for improvement. A data from Colorado was specifically looked at in this analysis.

  • In legalizing cannabis, many problems are solved:
  • The toll of the opioid epidemic is eased
  • Helps in job creation
  • Helps in tax revenue generation
  • Keeps cannabis out of reach of minors
  • To successfully legalize cannabis across the united states and beyond, public health concerns must be solved.

Pediatric Ingestion and Cannabis

Although legalization has not brought about the underage use, accidental pediatric intoxication has increased according to this review. Cannabis containing food products otherwise known as edibles have the same feature as regular candy hence increasing toxicity in children. Due to the high THC concentration in edibles, the cruelty of symptoms from pot exposure has also worsened.
In reducing accidental use by children, several measures have been taken:

Childproof packaging of marijuana products

  • Avoiding cartoons and other imagery attractive to children,
  • No bringing of edibles in candies or other forms attractive to children.

Apart from all these measures adults and parents must take full responsibility in reducing accidental ingestion by children. You must lock your products away until you plan to take them, otherwise, children can unbelievably hack artists.

Acute Intoxication from ingesting too much

Too much consumed cannabis is what is referred to as acute intoxication. Since the legalization of the drug was done in Colorado, the number of marijuana related ED visits has doubled. For non-Colorado residents visiting the state, the rate is also higher.
There are also cases of historically unreported acute intoxication helping in accounting for the notable increase. Intoxication by a legal drug inclines people to seek help more than that is illicit.
This statistic is unsurprising with the uptick in cannabis tourism. A Cannabis inexperienced tourist may not know how much is too much.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

This is a condition becoming known in the medical field, with controversial and divisive characterization. The condition is also termed a cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS) since it’s primarily characterized by regular vomiting episodes. Heavy regular cannabis consumption by some people is the major cause of CHS according to researchers. This fact is supported by the truth that symptoms seem to resolve after cannabis cessation.

Synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids are not listed as cannabis. They are called SC’s spice, k2, or Scooby Snax. They can cause a laundry list of severe symptoms or even death due to their high affinity for receptor sites and clandestine production. A 24-year-old according to this report suffered a seizure after consuming scs brought from a head shop.
It is disappointing that synthetic cannabinoid had to be included in this report. Unregulated dangerous alternatives should be the last choice for anyone because legal cannabis is widely available to adults over 21 years. More education is therefore necessary.

Home Extraction Injuries Making Concentrates

It looks discouraging to learn that a person can sustain injuries while producing butane extracts themselves while there is a legal safe alternative. To reduce the dangers that come with the production of BHO, professional extractors utilize processes and equipment approved by the state. Other individuals, however, take the risk of making their own BHO in their homes with glass and butane cans extraction tubes. As a result, explosions are created by improper airflow injuring the concerned person and anyone around.
Avoid dangerous solvents while extracting cannabis at home. A good example is Rosin a solventless extract that can only use heat and pressure to extract cannabinoids. What is needed here is just a pair of strong hands and a hair straightener to produce cannabinoids extracts safely and affordable.

People are empowered in reporting their emergencies by cannabis legalization. Increase in synthetic cannabinoid use cannot be blamed on legalization. Through education and research, it is our responsibility to evolve cannabis in a way that helps both consumers and non-consumers.

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