YouTube Channels For Stoners Enjoyment

Being stoned while surfing YouTube can get addicting. There is nothing like crawling over the internet after a good smoke sesh. Taking time out of a busy day for some harmless self-indulgence is necessary. YouTube has got everything a stoner needs to pass the time. Watch these channels for either information or enjoyment, we guarantee you will have a good time either way.

It’s time to kick back and relax. YouTube has always been a great internet resource when looking for entertainment, especially after getting royally stoned. There are endless video possibilities to choose from, including informative cannabis channels, product reviews, and simply hilarious videos to take up time.


Sit down a while and catch some of the craziness of this guy’s channel. He is what you could call a “prototypical stoner dude.” He hits the bongs hard, repeats what the video is about several times and at the beginning and end talks super hyped up, giving you a kind of “Wayne’s World” vibe. Though the only resemblance between him and “Wayne” is the hat and the long hair.


For product reviews, crazy smoking challenges, and how-to videos on how to purchase legal pot, look no further than Haley420. When it comes to the herb, this lovely lady is down for anything. From guzzling down weed lean to inhaling 100 hits like a champ, her videos prove that there’s no amount of THC that she can’t handle.


478.291 Subscribers. Another laid back, chill WeedTuber, xCodeh is always taking big hits. Check him out!


One of the most upbeat and passionate cannabis connoisseurs of YouTube is Josh from StrainCentral. You can expect nothing less than fun, high-quality content with this guy. Josh puts a lot of work into his channel. He records videos of himself smoking metric tons of weed—the easy part—then, coherently, answers eternal stoner questions such as, “Are hot knives safe?” and “Does eating make you less high?”


Need a chill, laid-back WeedTuber to watch while you toke? If so, then there’s no better person than Sasha, aka SilencedHippie. When she’s not tye-dying and creating other unique treasures, she’s producing amazing content, including how-to videos, smoke sessions in nature, and so much more.

RuffHouse Studios

Are you looking to improve your rolling techniques? Or, do you want to learn more about the art of cooking with cannabis? If so, then check out RuffHouse Studios. Other than their popular “Tips & Tricks” series, this channel also offers weed-themed parody trailers, which are quite entertaining, to say the least.

Kimmy Tan

Kimmy Tan, a 22-year-old tattoo artist, musician and model living between New York and LA, is best known on YouTube for taking 100 hits of weed in a row. She said she’s “really wary” about working with cannabis companies after a few bad experiences. She makes videos, she said, to “have a good time” and “connect people” rather than to make money.

High Times

Considering they are the “industry trade magazine of record,” you’d think they’d take their YouTube presence far more seriously. Really this is a pity inclusion to tell these asswads to step up their damn game.

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Getting Doug With High

check out “Getting Doug With High,” a more chilled-out stoner show that runs about 40-something minutes long. It’s hosted by Doug Benson, and he often has a lot of stoner types on his show. For instance, Sarah Silverman’s been on the show, along with Todd Glass, as well as Jack Black, and of course, the two most well-known stoners: Cheech & Chong!

Bubbleman’s World

If hash is your thing, then you need to check out Bubbleman’s World. With over 20 years of experience in the green scene, Marcus certainly knows a thing or two about cannabis. From wake and bake sessions to “Hash Church” discussions on Sundays, you will learn all about extraction techniques, current events, and so much more.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of marijuana channels on YouTube. These are just a few of many we would recommend. Surf the net yourself to check out others you may like.

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