Zenpype giveaway

Enter our giveaway and win zenpype portable bong with integrated grinder

How to enter:

  1. Create zensocial account Here.
  2. The first bud to get 5 likes or 5 Mentions wins a brand new zenpype
  3. you can help your self with invite friends fiture
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  1. The best bong/grinder ever

  2. Grandma who medicates

    I want one..

  3. Would love to be able take a bong rip and zenpype is so sleek and elegant looking #bonus ?????

  4. CannaAngel ... photographer of THE flower!

    Is this ongoing? Cheers!

  5. Yes til friday when we announce our winer. Stay blazed

  6. The winner of this giveaway was @firechifjoe

  7. I’m close!! I want i WANT!!! Stay awesome stoners Like mu buds!!! #kush

  8. Is this still ongoing? I hit the 5 plenty hehehe me need zenpype get to blaze my new harvest with it.. and you know plenty of pics!!!! Kush

  9. oh, oh im on a kush high congrats to the winner!!!

  10. its ower but stay tuned we have giveaways almmost weekly… stay blazed

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