Zensocial giveaway for zenpype photo challenge

Zenfam our next giveaway for zenpype portable bong, bowl, grinder gadget is in progress right now!

This time we want you to:

1) grab your favorite toy – preferably stuffed animal toy and

2) take a weed related picture of it

3) post on your zensocial account

But remember zenfam, taking pictures while being high does not count as weed related! :D

The most creative photo will win zenpype gadget and I can’t wait to see zensocial global wall full of weed and cute toys!


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  1. Is there a special when we post our photos?

  2. Posting my entry!!! ????

  3. CannaAngel ... photographer of THE flower!

    Good luck #zenfam !

  4. If somebody has won Lmk or let me know how and when the winner is chose @zenpype u could please

  5. CannaAngel ... photographer of THE flower!

    Can we enter more than once?? ?

  6. we will make an anouncment today to let you all know who the winner is

  7. You can enter as much as you want

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